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April 27, 2017
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As a Chiropractic Internist specializing in natural primary care I am frequently asked about the benefits of a specific nutrient or a new supplement that was promoted on Dr. Oz, in Prevention magazine or in the news.  Remember brown seaweed, raspberry ketones or what about krill oil?

There are two obvious concerns when answering this question.  The first is do you actually need that supplement, will it positively affect your complaint and secondly will you actually be getting what the label claims is in the bottle?

 A while back there was a product sold as an antioxidant in a wine bottle.  It was made from berries, acai berries to be exact.  It retailed for about $45.00 a bottle.   Is acai a good product?  Yes, It is, but is it worth $45.00 a bottle, heck no.  What about the herbs you buy?  In order for an herb to be affective you must consume enough of the botanical contained in the plant root or bark to have a clinical affect in your body.  Not enough botanical no clinical effect.  Research has demonstrated the amount of botanical needed to achieve the specific benefits of each plant extract and the manufacturer must use methods to isolate that botanical compound and then make sure each capsule has the exact dose needed for the desired clinical result.  If the capsule contains no botanical or too little it can still be sold as that herb but there will be no clinical affect.  So your money is wasted no matter what the price.  But when the right manufacturing practices are used I successfully treat virus, bacterial infections, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, depression, prostate enlargement and many more conditions with these powerful natural agents.

Although it is better to treat symptoms naturally as compared to using pharmaceuticals, treating symptoms is treating symptoms no matter how you slice it.  Therefore a “Natural Health” care provider who merely substitute’s a natural product for a drug is still treating the symptoms.  I always seek to treat the cause of your symptom not the symptoms itself.  You see that is what MD’s do.  They provide drugs for symptomatic management.  Forget what the cause is just treat the symptoms and everyone is happy right?   No everyone is sick that what happens.   So this is the fundamental difference between pharmaceutical based medicine and natural based medicine.   Am any less qualified because I do not prescribe drugs?  Are you kidding me!!! But this is exactly the false narrative you have been feed all your life.  If I don’t use side effect causing, symptom treating drugs therfore I must be less of a doctor or better yet a QUACK.  To be frank it takes far more thought and knowledge to figure out what is causing you stomach pain than it takes to jot a prescription.    I treat the cause, they treat the symptoms.  MD’s  use powerful side effect causing drugs designed to block, suppress, and outright stop normal body function while I use pure, natural compounds designed to balance and support the body and all its systems while simultaneously  promoting  health.  I will have much more to say regarding the medical false narrative and FAKE NEWS in a future Blog. 


And that brings me to my finial thought.  It is always better to start with the basics and your nutritional needs are no different.  I ask my patient’s to imagine they are going on a long car trip.  What will they need, AC, Stereo, Sun Roof, Leather seats, etc.  Not really, you need oil in the engine, gas in the tank and water in the radiator.  If any one of those is not present in enough quantity you’re not going anywhere.  The same with your body.  Nutrients are divided into two categories know as macro and micro nutrients.  Micro nutrients are you vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  These nutrients are necessary for all biochemical functions and actions that go on inside of you.  These nutrients positively affect energy production, tissue healing, brain function and specific deficiencies are often related to depression, anxiety, immune function abnormalities and many more diseases.  So to support health you need to assure you provide your cells the equivalent to gas, oil and water in my analogy. You need a pure high potency multi vitamin/mineral.  You need a cold filtered purity certified none rancid omega 3 for the cardiovascular system and to balance the inflammatory effects of too much omega 6 and 9 from excessive hydrogenated veggie oils.  As a matter of fact according to the American Heart associated, Diabetes Association and Cancer Society you need a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) anti-oxidant to protect your cells from premature cell death and damage.   Women also need to support healthy bone production and build the bone bank to its peak density by age 35.  I use products that support both the mineral and connective tissue components of bone and are clinically proven to support bone health in young and the elderly alike. 

These are the nutrients you must provide your body on a daily basic no matter what.  To help you achieve this goal I have sought out the purest ingredients and best patented formulas available in the USA and then partnered with the finest Nutraceutical Laboratories to produce my Buona Vita line of over 20 nutraceuticals products.  Buona Vita Daily Essential for Men and Women provides you with pure nutrients your body needs to keep it going while in life’s daily pressure cooker.  Daily Essentials contain no wheat, gluten, yeast, soy products, dairy products, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives.  Buona Vita Nutritional products haves been registered with the US Department of Trademarks and Patents since 2009 and are manufactured in GMP compliant faculties. 

So first supply your body with the basic nutrients required to sustain life and take a Daily Essential Pack every day, and then when troubled with a complaint seek the evaluation of a physician trained in natural medicine.  As Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists, I have completed 8 years of study to achieve my Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and an additional 2 year post-doctoral program as well as completed all board testing to achieve my specialty in Diagnosis and Internal Disorders.  I practice natural primary care medicine.  Instead of guessing about your health problems and wasting valuable time and money seek out a qualified board certified physician like me to help treat the cause of your complaint and stop covering up the symptoms.   

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