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By Dr. Anthony Faro, D.C.
October 12, 2018
Tags: Massage Therapy   Anxiety   Bad Posture  

The advantages of having a professional massage go much further than indulging in some relaxing time for yourself. The benefits that massage has on your overall health are numerous; Dr. Anthony Faro, your chiropractor in Lake Wales, Florida, may recommend massage therapy for a variety of conditions.Massage Therapy

Help with anxiety

It's no secret that having a massage is a relaxing experience. But a recent study conducted at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center found that people who received professional massages, like those offered at Alternative Care in Lake Wales, actually had lower levels of stress hormones than those who don't. If you've been feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, making time for regular massages could help reduce those feelings and replace them with more positive and beneficial ones in the long term.

Reduction in inflammation

Massage has been shown to improve the circulation of your blood, which in turn promotes healing to sore and overworked muscles. It's also been shown to increase the white blood cell count, further enhancing the healing process. Another study in 2011 determined that people with chronic back pain benefited from massages just as much as other common treatments.

Posture improvement

People whose jobs require sitting in a chair most of the day may be carrying a lot of muscle tension in their shoulders, neck, and lower back. Massage sessions at your Lake Wales chiropractor's office, however, can counteract this "on-the-job hazard" and leave you standing taller and sitting straighter in between your appointments.

If you'd like to schedule a massage, or have any other questions, we'd be glad to help you! Simply contact Alternative Care in Lake Wales, Florida today!