Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the practice and treatment recommended by a licensed provider which focuses on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually employing treatment systems of a holistic or alternative medicine approach. The key here is the focus on causation of disease and not symptoms, and striving for optimal function of all body systems.

According to Palmer College, “Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art. The philosophy of chiropractic is built upon the constructs of vitalism, holism, conservatism, naturalism and rationalism. It provides context for the application of science and art.

Health is a state of optimal physical, emotional and social well-being. Central to the philosophy of chiropractic is the principle that life is intelligent. This innate intelligence strives to maintain a state of health through adaptation mechanisms. The nervous system is recognized as an avenue for these self-regulating processes. Interference with neurological function can impede these mechanisms, disrupt homeostatic balance and adversely impact health. Chiropractic postulates that subluxation of the spinal column and other articulations can affect nervous system function and the expression of health, which may result in symptoms, infirmity and disease.”

Chiropractic and the Modern Functional and Alternative Medicine Definitions overlap.

Today there are a number of different doctors providing Functional Medicine treatments. This may include Chiropractors(DC’s) , Medical Doctors (MD’s) , or Osteopaths (DO’s) but you should always seek treatment with a licensed heath care provider who can properly evaluate, diagnose and analyse your condition in its entirety.

I am a chiropractic physician and have spent my entire career studying health, wellness, nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, and the wellness model. As a matter of fact, the chiropractic profession has been dedicated to promoting health and wellness through this natural model of treatment since 1895. Even more interesting is this treatment philosophy wasn’t called Functional or Alternative Medicine in 1895 it was CHIROPRACTIC. Chiropractors are the original Functional Medicine Docs, and for that matter, Chiropractors are the only natural primary care doctors that are licensed in all 50 states.

Over time, the medical profession that spent so much time discrediting chiropractic eventually learned that the public was demanding what we had been offering for years: a rational, logical, scientific and natural approach to maintain and regain one’s health without drugs or surgery. But wait, how can Medicine align itself with or even recognize the philosophy of Chiropractors? That would force the recognition of our profession and the natural model we embrace. What the Medics needed to do was create a new name for this 122 yr old chiropractic philosophy, so they called it Functional or Alternative Medicine.

Therefore, I practice Primary Care Chiropractic Medicine as a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists. I focus on the causality of disease, and its natural treatment via nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, homeopathic remedies, exercise, detoxification, stress management, body composition alteration and more, but you can call it Function Medicine if you like.

- Dr. A. E. Faro

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