Product: Relaxaprin


60 Tablets $28.00

Key Benefits:
Synergistic Blend of Nutrients for Supporting Muscle Relaxation*
Support for Healthy Muscle Function*
May Aid in Relieving Minor Muscle Aches and Discomfort*
Promotes Restful Sleep*
Vitamin B-6 Aids in Myelin Formation for Damaged Nerves*


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About Relaxaprin

Relaxaprin is a powerful, all natural, nutritional supplement offering support for healthy muscle function.* The select ingredients in this formula may help relieve minor muscle aches and discomfort as well as naturally support muscle relaxation.* This formula contains a 2:1 Magnesium to Calcium ratio needed for proper muscle contraction.* A synergistic blend of enzymatically active ingredients has been added to aid in soothing and relaxing muscles.*
Valerian Root acts as a calming and relaxing agent to help soothe muscle cramps.*
Passion Flower provides a natural and gentle way to help the body to relax.* Its soothing action acts as an anti-spasmodic in cases of nervous tension, muscular rigidity, hyperactivity, and stress.* Passion Flower may also help promote restful sleep.*
Vitamin B-6 has been added for its remarkable ability to function as a coenzyme which acts in concert with enzymes to speed up chemical reactions in the cells.* It is also important for myelin formation (a fatty sheath that covers nerves) and may aid in repairing damaged nerves.* Vitamin B-6 is required by the body to produce serotonin and norepinephrine and thus may additionally promote relaxation.*

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