Vegan Plus


Product: Vegan Plus


120 Vegetable Capsules $49.95

24g of Protein - 6 Net Carbs
5 Plant Sources
4:1 Protein to Carbs
Detox Support* Sulforaphane GS Calcium D-Glucarate
Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegetarians
Fructose Free
Micronized Plant Calcuim


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About Vegan Plus

Vegan Plus is a revolutionary plant protein blend featuring 5 hypoallergenic, vegan protein sources – pea, rice, hemp, chia and cranberry – to provide a well-balanced amino acid profile in a high protein formula. In addition to the well-rounded protein profile, this formula features many unique ingredients to support the immune system, the digestive system, body composition, bone health and detoxification.* Pea and rice protein provide a branch chain amino acid profile that is comparable to whey protein, providing high amounts of cysteine, lysine and methionine. This formula contains three additional protein sources, each with unique properties: organic hemp protein, which is rich in edestin that can stimulate antibody production; chia protein, which is desired by athletes for its endurance-boosting properties and promotes hydration and a sense of fullness; and cranberry fruit protein, which has urinary tract and antioxidant benefits.* L-glutamine and l-taurine are added to this formula to support an increase in lean muscle mass.* Vegan Plus contains Aminogen®, a patented plant-derived
enzyme blend, which helps the body break down and absorb more amino acids from protein.* It is clinically proven to release 100% more plasma amino acids, 250% more branched-chain amino acids and boost nitrogen retention by 32%.*

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